The Last Alaskans

DISCOVERY | Season 2

Colorist and Online Editor: Kevin Barker

In 1980, the U.S. government banned new human occupation in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska, a protected area, home to thousands of native animals and pristine terrain spanning roughly the size of South Carolina. Currently, only a handful of families spread across seven permitted cabins are allowed to remain in the refuge. Within less than 100 years, all remaining permits will reach expiration, and there will be no human presence left. 

THE LAST ALASKANS chronicles the daily rituals of four families choosing to live in seclusion, vast distances from each other as they overcome harsh arctic conditions, frustrating setbacks, and aggressive wildlife while they survive in one of the last great unspoiled and unforgiving wildernesses on the planet.

Additional CREDITS

Production Company
Half Yard Productions

Executive Producers
Abby Greensfelder, Sean Gallagher, John Jones, Jared McGilliard

Directors of Photography
Dave Clawson, Chris Whiteneck, Brandon Haberman